About Deejavu Art and Design

We are a small family company based on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Specialising in beautiful quality handmade items, original acrylic paintings, unique gifts and greetings cards. All of our designs and artwork are unique and created by resident artist Dee Summers.

Our aim is to create gifts as unique and individual as our customers.  Most of all we pride in the quality of our products and excellent customer service.

If you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch via our contacts page or Facebook or Twitter. We also recommend you read our Terms and Conditions.

A message from artist and designer Dee Summers

I am a self-taught artist from the South East of England and have been painting and creating my whole life. My work can be quite eclectic but much of it reflects my love of bold colour and strong design culminating in eye-catching statement pieces which are a real feature. I have always had a love for oriental arts and crafts and this is realised in my Japanese Kokeshi Doll and Cherry Blossom inspired pieces.

I started out selling to family and friends and eventually set up my own website which has now developed into a small business selling my original artwork and related craft items based on my designs.
My philosophy is not to sell any work that I would not be happy to own or hang on my own wall. Every piece of art that is offered for sale spends time hanging in my own home, which means that my house is pretty much my personal art gallery . . . . a popular conversation starter for visitors!